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Zooper Wednesday

This last week wore us out. It's hard work turning one!

We spent all day Tuesday in sweatpants and laid around the house. So, yesterday, we had to get out and do things again. I'm not the type to just sit at home and I think Nathan got that same annoying gene. ;) By the end of Tuesday, he was just looking at me like, "Well. We really aren't going anywhere?"

Our zoo is doing this thing on Wednesday nights called "Zooper Wednesdays" (and I about DIED laughing because isn't that so what Jack's zoo would have done in Double Shot?). Instead of closing at 5, they close at 8. So, I packed a dinner and we drove over after afternoon nap and Jon met us there when he got off work.

We had such a great time! The animals really were a LOT more active, which was just fun. And there were maybe 60 people in the whole park, so the three of us were the only people looking at some of the animals. SO nice!!

Nathan loves, loves, loves the monkeys. They are his all-time favorite animal there. He just laughs and points and talks the whole time to them. It was really cute. :)

We were finishing up dinner when it started sprinkling and within a couple of minutes, it was pouring rain. We threw everything in the stroller and ran for the covered polar bear exhibit and stayed under there for about 20 minutes before giving up that it would ever stop, so we ran for the exit.

We got SOAKED. Absolutely soaked. Nathan started laughing as soon as we got in the car, so I don't think he minded too much. :) So fun even with the rain!
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