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What we've been up to :)

We had a busy weekend and a busy week already!

This last weekend was my brother Caleb's birthday, so we went over for a little birthday party Saturday night. Nathan has become the Official Present Opener of the family, I think. Hopefully Uncle Caleb didn't mind!

Nathan also really started walking pretty well this past weekend! It's so fun and so scary! And he is bruised everywhere from falling over - his poor little legs look terrible. He's still pretty unsure of himself, and I think he still prefers crawling. But he's getting better. :) He got the Sweeping Award at dinner a few nights ago after he threw everything he was supposed to be eating on the floor.


He also learned a new trick and has been doing it NON STOP and then laughing the whole time he's like that:

Ha! Like father, like son!

Jon was a deep snapper all through high school and college football. Guess it starts young!! :)

I've got super fun news coming hopefully later tonight! Can't wait to share it with you! :)
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