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Tomorrow, tomorrow...

One year ago this evening, I looked like this:

...in the hospital and ready to meet our little man!! His birth didn't turn out ANYTHING like what we expected - but God is so good.

Yesterday, we had a fabulously fun day hanging out with Nathan's great-grandmother. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing grandma! And Nathan ADORES Nama - he was being SUCH a ham yesterday. It was hilarious.

She and my mom came over right before Nathan woke up from his nap and then took us out to eat at Nathan's favorite place - Chick-Fil-A! Afterwards, Mom left and my grandma, Nathan and I did a few errands, then came home and let him play for a little bit before putting him back down.

Jon got home and Nama took all of us out to dinner at Chili's - which was SO good!! I haven't eaten out this much in a long time - I'm getting spoiled! Jon, my dad and brothers had a softball game last night, so Mom came back over and we watched Get Smart with Steve Carrell. So funny. We had a great night!

Nathan discovered that our end table has a drawer this morning. He spent most of the morning pulling everything out of it and then putting everything back in - including a few things that didn't belong like my cell phone! I'm glad I saw him do that or I would have never found it! Ha!

I've got a haircut tonight (I'm SO excited! It's been a long time and I'm going to take several inches off. Time for a summer haircut!) and I'm planning on just doing a couple of errands after Nathan wakes up from his nap. It took him an hour to go to sleep this morning, so his afternoon nap is now going to be all messed up. I'm wondering if he's slowly starting to transition to one nap a day - although, some mornings he's dragging after he's only been up an hour and a half.

And then tomorrow...is my little bean's birthday!! I have NO idea where the time went... wasn't he only this big about three days ago??

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