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Nathan's Birthday Party - Take One

We had a WONDERFUL day yesterday!! I am so thankful for my family who made Nathan's birthday such a fabulously fun day!

Nathan woke up late - which gave me time to make him some birthday blueberry muffins. He usually gets oatmeal for breakfast, so I think he was pretty excited about getting a muffin instead!

Afterwards, we hurried and got ready and went to the aquarium with Gammy and Nama. He had SO much fun! He loved the mantra rays, though he got a little freaked out when one swam right up to the plexiglass and splashed water on him. I've never seen him jump into my arms so fast! Ha!

"Yay for my birthday!!!"

We came home, he took a nap and I finished a couple of things for later that night. Jon got home from work right after Nathan woke up. We headed over to Gammy and Pops' house for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday extraordinaire!! This is what we saw when we walked in:

LOVE it!! Nathan kept pointing to the Mickey balloon ALL night. He was so excited about it!

We had to get a couple of pictures of our bean with the decorations. Some of these are my new favorite pictures, I think. Such a smiley birthday boy!! :)

We ate one of his favorite meals - pizza!!

Did I mention he liked pointing to the Mickey Mouse balloon?? :)

Nathan was completely SPOILED ROTTEN by his great-grandma, grandparents and aunt and uncles. I guess it pays to be the only grandchild on this side! Ha! He made out!!

It was hilarious watching him open presents. He would open one and get so excited about it that he didn't want to open anymore, he just wanted to play with that one. So cute. We actually ended up saving a few just for him to open at his party on Saturday because it was getting late and he was done opening, I think! :)

The slide from Gammy and Pops was a HUGE hit! The first time down, he was a little wary, but he caught on FAST. My arms got a workout today helping him up and down the slide!

We had to get a few family pictures before the cake smashing occurred. :) I love these! Here we are with the new one-year-old!

Pops, Gammy and the Birthday Boy :)

Nama and Nathan :)

Auntie Cayce, Uncle Caleb and Uncle Bryant with the bean:

His cake was ADORABLE. I was so excited with how it turned out!

I did great the whole day - didn't cry at all until everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him. I was holding him and he got so cuddly during the song and I started tearing up. But I held it in! I love these pictures:

I never doubted for a second that Nathan would enjoy his cake, but I didn't count on HOW much he would love it! He crammed the whole thing into his mouth and kept pointing for more. We had to undress him in the bathtub, he got so messy!

After bath, he got to play with the Mickey Mouse ball pit Jon and I bought for him. I think he liked it just a little bit. :)

Then we packed up our sleepy birthday boy and headed home. I nursed him, he fell asleep and I just held him for a few minutes before putting him in bed. And THEN I cried. :) I love that he's growing up and becoming his own person, but I hate how quickly time is flying past.

Now, we're just gearing up for his friend party on Saturday! I have been just SO overcome this last week with the blessings we have been given. I'm so thankful. I wouldn't change one thing about my life - God has given us so much!
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