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And the countdown begins...

My grandmother is flying in tonight to be here for Nathan's birthday which means:


I'm in shock. Wasn't I just praying that I would go into labor on my due date? Which, one year ago, was tomorrow??

Today has already been a fun day! Nathan slept VERY late today, thanks to a later bedtime after community group last night, and so we went and met my sweet friend Eryn and her precious baby Eve at Chick-Fil-A for an early lunch.

And, it's Cow Appreciation Day at CFA today. If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal at CFA. So....I present the baby cows!

I love this picture! Eryn is WAY creative and made Evie's bows and skirt. Seriously. With her own hands.

And, if you can believe this, I actually colored on Nathan's onesie. With my own hands. I didn't even trace those spots or anything. ;) Ha! We had such a fun lunch today! Excited for a fun night tonight with Nathan's great-grandma!!
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