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All better!!

Thank you so much for your prayers! Nathan stopped running a fever on Thursday and by Friday night, his rash was completely gone. And he is back to sleeping through the night and taking his normal naps. Thank you, God! :)

We had a great weekend. Jon had Friday through Monday off, so we spent the entire weekend playing, sleeping, relaxing and swimming. Jon and I both got sunburned being productive - a.k.a. washing the cars and Nathan got to eat chocolate pie for the first time:

I think this might be what he'll look like in 30 years with a goatee. :)

He also got to stay up WAY WAY WAY past his bedtime and watch the fireworks display last night. We are in the midst of a horrendous drought, so most private fireworks displays were banned this year, but the annual city one still happened. We set out chairs on my parents' driveway and watched. We could see the fireworks, but were far enough away that we couldn't hear the noise. Nathan spent the whole time laughing, dancing, pointing and saying "OOoo!" He was a little hyper last night. That chocolate pie might have had something to do with it.

Today, we're running birthday party errands! What did you do for the 4th?? I hope you had a safe, fun weekend!!
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