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We should have given him a more nautical name...

...like Moby or something. Because this boy is like those weird sci fi legends that always surface in my spam folders with titles like "HALF-BOY HALF-FISH FOUND AT LONG JOHN SILVERS!"

We went and got him a little kiddie pool from Walmart the other day. He LOVES it. And I don't mind sitting out and getting a tan. Yesterday, he swam all afternoon and then came inside and had to have a snack while watching Barney with Dad and Kody.

It's like he's a big boy now!

So, lately, we've been having kind of an off week. Tuesday, I woke up with a sore throat and yep, it was my long-time nemesis Tonsillitis back for more destruction to my larynx and livelihood. I finally went to the doctor today and got my medication, but I have started the process of finding a doctor to take my tonsils out. But. Apparently tonsil doctors don't feel the need to work Fridays. Maybe the mass population do not have tonsil problems on Fridays.

Nathan has been getting one of his top teeth in. Finally! I was worried that he might only have two teeth for his whole life. And I think he might be going through another growth spurt because he has been sleeping 13 hours straight at night for the last week. And then taking another two naps during the day - including a 3 hour morning nap on Monday. WOW! Who is this child?

He didn't wake up until 9:15 this morning, so I just kept him up until after my doctor appointment and hopefully he'll get a long nap in this afternoon and we'll just stick with one nap today. I'm wondering if he's moving himself to just one nap. He's getting so big I can't even stand it.

So, I'm sitting here drinking hot tea and praying that the ibuprofen kicks in soon so my throat will stop hurting. What are you guys up to?
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