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Stepping Out

Y'all will have to bear with me this coming month, I think. :)

One year ago, almost to the day, I looked like this:

And yesterday, my little Nater Tot took his FIRST step!!

I can't even believe it. And of course we missed it with the camera, even though we seriously have like three in arm's reach all the time. He's still very shaky - I don't think we're close to walking - but he's never stood up as much as he has in the last two days. He's also teething HORRIBLY and so we haven't been getting very good sleep and naps have been rough too.

I have a question for you moms out there - did your child ever stop sleeping well when they were in the midst of mastering different "milestones"? Nathan went through a period when he learned how to crawl where he didn't sleep either. I'm wondering if we're also in the midst of that too with the standing/walking.

We haven't done too much this week - just ran some errands and I've been trying to get some writing done. I got asked out on a date tonight by a super cute guy, so we're ditching the Tot with his grandparents. ;) What are you doing this weekend?
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