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Splash party :)

This weekend, Nathan got to go in Gammy and Pop's jacuzzi for a little bit. Their pool is still a little too cold for him, so Pops heated the hot tub up to about bath water temperature and Jon and I got in there with him and let him splash around.

He LOVED it!!

We do not have a child who is afraid of the water. It makes me very happy that he loves the pool so much, but it also scares me to death! Ha! We'll have to have VERY strict rules about the pool when he gets a little older!

I can't wait until he can go in the big pool. He looked so adorable in his little swimsuit. He even got to get in yesterday with Pops again and he spent the whole time baby-talking. Probably about how much fun he was having. ;)

Nathan will be eleven months old on the 13th (I'm in total shock!!), and so I've been starting to think about his first birthday party. I think we're going to have a whale swim party. :)

You know. To celebrate our little squirt.


Today, Nathan and I headed over to play at Melanie and Julia's house. I just love those two. We let the kids play in Julia's little kiddie pool in the backyard and everything was going just fine.

They'd only each nearly-drowned once, they were splashing, talking, yelling, laughing and having a great time when Nathan slipped and as I grabbed him, we noticed all sorts of little floaties in the water.

Bark? Leaves?

Nope. Poop.

So we whipped the kids out of the water and set them down on the patio. I peeked into Nathan's diaper and said, "Oh dang. It's Nathan" right as Melanie said, "Oh shoot! It's Julia!"

BOTH of them had pooped in the pool. At the SAME time.

We laughed SO hard! Melanie hosed them down and then we carried them upstairs to the tub and Nathan had his first group bath.

So funny! And I love this picture of the two culprits after they were all clean from the bath:

Julia's expression is totally, "Who me? I did nothing." Meanwhile, look at my son's face. ;)

Oh, the adventures we've got coming!
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