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Our Week

This has been one of those weeks that felt really busy but when I look back on it, we didn't really do that much.

Odd how often that happens now. :)

We spent most of the week just playing and doing errands for Nathan's birthday bash coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Have I mentioned I can't believe it's been a year lately? :)

Thursday night we went to our new community group. Our old one got to be so big that we had to split into two groups - which is a good problem to have, I guess. This is the second time this has happened in two years!

Friday night, I got a message from our community group leader's wife who let me know that their one-year-old daughter, Bella, who Nathan was playing with the whole night before had just come down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

So, me being me, I immediately started looking info up on it online (the internet is a very dangerous thing in the hands of a hypochondriac), we kept Nathan home from church and we didn't go to Lunch Bunch today because apparently, the incubation time is 3-7 days before they start showing symptoms. So, until Thursday we're pretty much avoiding all of our friends. :( I feel so bad for Bella! I've heard it's just a yucky sickness.

We did, though, brave the pool this weekend at Pops and Gammy's house because well, someone loves his swim time.

Only a little bit. :)
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