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Memorial Weekend

So sorry for the long delay in posting! My parents took all of my family to Seattle for my sister's 21st birthday trip and we just got back Wednesday night. So we've been unpacking, doing laundry and catching up on some sleep.

The birthday girl!!! Well, sort of - her birthday isn't until October, actually, but since everyone had Memorial Day off of work and her team - the Yankees - were playing in Seattle this weekend, it worked out better to go now. :)

It was SO FUN. Such a fabulous trip! I'd never been to Seattle and what an amazing city! I think I could definitely live very happily surrounded by so many coffee shops! Cayce and I had something from Starbucks at least once a day - sometimes twice or three times (decaf for me - I was NOT about to nurse Nathan to bed at night after that much caffeine!). It was even sunny the first few days we were there!

Nathan LOVED the ocean! He was so mesmerized by it! Jon found tons of crabs there and obviously, Nathan was pretty fascinated. :)

We stayed on a house right on the water and it was so gorgeous - I loved ocean sunsets! I think I took about 500 pictures over the five days we were there. I cannot imagine not having digital cameras - I would be completely broke if I were using the cameras my parents had when I was a little kid!

We got to the house at 2:30AM - our flight was about 5+ hours late. We had a VERY cranky boy in that airport! I felt so bad for the people around us. We walked and walked and walked our airport. Thankfully, he and I both slept for most of the flight, so it wasn't too bad. And Nathan slept until 9:30 the next morning - thank God! We were zonked!

Saturday, we hung around Seattle, saw the first Starbucks and fought our way through the very crowded Pike Place Market (SO COOL).

The girls in front of the original Starbucks!!

Pops and Nathan at the Market. :) Nathan loved all the street acts!

Everyone else went to a Mariners and Yankees game that night while Jon, Nathan and I stayed home, had a quiet dinner on the porch watching the ocean, and then took a walk along the beach.

Sweet baby on the beach. :)

Have I mentioned I love this little face?

He's gotten very into sharing. And blowing kisses. And poking. :)

The three of us on the beach Saturday night. Nathan wasn't too interested in the camera.

Gammy and Nathan Sunday morning on the porch!

We went to the Seattle Aquarium and Nathan got to touch all kinds of slimy sea creatures (yuck) and watch the fish, which he LOVED. And we saw the cutest sea otters! I think Cayce and I were about to adopt one.

He was obviously very afraid of the sea anemones.

Ha! Not!

He loved watching the fish!!

After we got Nathan in bed, we roasted marshmallows on the porch. No one really got into singing campfire songs, but Mom and I tried. Ha!

All of us - minus Jon taking the picture - around the fire pit. And Bryant got creative:

The boys really got into skipping rocks this week. I found out that I do not have whatever muscle is needed in order to flick the rocks.

We ended with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory for Cayce's birthday dinner. SO. YUMMY.

Me and the un-birthday girl! :)

It was such a fabulous trip! I think I'm going through Seattle withdrawal today. The Market there had the most beautiful flowers and the most delicious pastries and the original Starbucks was right across the street. There were all these great little places to eat and walk and the most gorgeous views of the ocean.

The donuts in the Market. HUGE.

My favorite part of the Market (minus the original Starbucks) - the flowers!! They were SO beautiful and so inexpensive! I wished we weren't flying home - I would have bought at least one, if not more!

Such a wonderful trip! Thank you so much, Mom and Dad!
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