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Jon's First Father's Day :)

We had a great weekend! We didn't do much other than head to Mom and Dad's to swim, but I think we all needed a nice, relaxing couple of days.

The "big pool" was finally warm enough for the Nater Tot to get in this weekend, so we slathered him up with sunscreen and let him go in. And he - as we figured - loved it. He has a little float thing that he loved bobbing around the pool in. So cute!

Juicing up before hitting the water!

I kind of wonder if he thinks this is just a huge bathtub.

Here's the splashing boy! I love, love, LOVE the faces he makes!!

Chilling with Daddy in the 95 degree hot tub after swimming. He was so cute, just leaning back on Jon.

My boys after church on Father's Day!!

Nathan was very excited to help Jon open his presents. This is his warm up to opening his birthday presents, I guess! Ha! :)

I love this picture!! Making that shirt was an ADVENTURE and a half, but it turned out okay. There's blue paint smears all over it thanks to a baby who wasn't too excited about just putting his hand on the T-shirt and pulling it right back off, but Jon even thought those were cute. :)

"There's my handprint, Dad!"

Silly bean. He spent half the afternoon on Sunday with that straw in his mouth like that. It was so funny. I think he kept doing it because we were laughing so hard.

Helping Pops open his present. :)

I'm so thankful that I have such a wonderful Dad and such an amazing husband who is a great father. What a HUGE blessing!!
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