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Double Trouble

We've had a bit of a tough week.

Nathan broke out in the Hand Foot Mouth Disease rash yesterday morning. :( We had the WORST night of sleep he and I have had since he was a newborn. I think I got about two and a half straight hours of sleep on Tuesday night.

I kept hoping it was his teeth. And it was - on top of the HFMD, he's also cutting BOTH of his top teeth.

Poor little guy!

We've been doing Tylenol around the clock, eating ice cream for dinner to help with the blisters in his throat and watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while cuddling in our pajamas. Today is the first day that I've felt awake enough to not sleep during his afternoon nap (though, I did go back to bed this morning for his first nap). He slept better last night - from about 9-5 and only moaned once or twice without really waking up.

I hate when my baby is sick. :(

Since HFMD is only spread by direct contact, I think we might pack Nathan into the stroller tonight and go to his new favorite place - the frozen yogurt shop!! He does NOT let go of the spoon...even after we get home.

I figure it will feel good on his throat since the HFMD causes blisters on the back of it. And it will be good for us since we've been cooped up for a while now! I'm praying hard that he's on the mend - the doctor yesterday said that the blisters on his throat were already healing so she thought he'd had the sickness for 2-3 days.

It explains the lack of sleep.

Poor baby. :(
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