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11 Months Old!!

I think this month is hitting me the hardest because y'all,



It's killing me, Smalls.

This month has been so fun. He's really the class clown, my son. He will do almost anything if it makes you laugh and that both makes me so excited and so terrified about our future with him! Ha!

He's been sleeping GREAT for a long time - sometimes 12.5 and 13 hours at night - but then last night, he was up for almost three hours in the middle of the night. He's cutting a tooth on the top (but it's his right tooth next to his front teeth! So weird!), so I don't know if maybe that was hurting him last night. Needless to say, Jon and I are pretty zonked today. Nathan moved into big boy jammies this month because the footies were way too short for him. :(

He's eating almost everything. He loves yogurt, he loves chicken nuggets and his new favorite is blueberries! We have to hide the blueberries from him or he will not stop eating them.

He's still not walking. Has zero interest in it, actually. He'll walk along furniture, he'll walk behind his little push toy if he's got an audience cheering him on, but otherwise, he'd much rather zip around on the floors on all fours. I've tried holding his hands and having him walk, but he just makes his legs go all jelly-like and wants to get down and crawl. I guess he'll walk when he's ready!

He can now wave, clap his hands, blow kisses (he usually, though, misses his mouth and blows you a kiss from his ear. SO CUTE), throw his hands up to say "all done!" (and sometimes he even says it!), "pound it" (touch knuckles), points, rubs his tummy and says "mmm!", and splashes in the pool when we tell him to splash. And he started playing catch with us! He is SO fun and like I said, he'll do anything if it gets everyone's attention (including dumping all of his dinner on the floor).

He loves when people come to visit! He absolutely adores when Gammy or Pops or his aunt or uncles stop by. He loves being with his friends - it is so sweet. He stood there and waited for them to come today.

He went into the nursery at church for the first time yesterday and I cried more than he did (I teared up and he didn't even bother to blink away a tear for his mama). I talked to the nursery worker afterward and Nathan just played the whole time. I almost wished he'd at least pretended to be sad! Ha! No, I'm SO thankful that he did so well!

He lives for the pool every day now, as you can maybe tell by the theme in these pictures. So days when we don't swim, it's up to me to find something even more fun to do (that usually means the grocery store. Ha!). And he loves, LOVES the zoo!

Have I mentioned how much I love being this guy's mom? :)
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