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Ten Months Old!

My little bean is ten months old today.

I know I say this every single month but... seriously??? He's already ten months??

This has by far been the best month yet too (I know I say that every month too - ha! I just love every single stage he's been in so far!). He's so funny, so entertaining, so goofy and SO exhausting!

He's discovered that he can play with us - so this month we've been doing a lot of chasing around the house and last week, Nathan started attacking Jon while he was laying on the floor like he was wrestling with him. It is SO cute. He starts growling and crawls as fast as he can over to us and buries his head on us. I love it!! He's also discovered that he LOVES books and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!

Still not walking, but he's a lightning fast crawler and he pulls up on something about every four seconds. He'll stand by himself for a little bit, but he hasn't tried to take his first step. We've got the video camera all ready to go, though, because I have a feeling it might be soon. He's very into pointing these days - it can be a little awkward when we're out. Ha!

He's now almost completely on table foods - such a big boy! He eats most meats, lots of veggies and fruits. Anything that we eat, he wants some. So he's also had bites of cookies, donuts, milkshakes (we are both on dairy! I am so glad to have ice cream again!! Nathan has only had yogurt, but he's been doing great with it!) and I don't even want to know what else. There goes my grand plan of making him wait until a year to have sugar! :) He still eats like a five year-old. It scares Jon and me to death about what he'll be eating like when he's 15.

He has been doing SO good at leaving things alone when we tell him no. Thank you, Lord! I hate, hate telling him no, but he's caught on pretty quick. I'm praying hard that this continues to be the case!!

He talks ALL. THE. TIME. When he is awake, there is constant baby babbling going on at my house. It's so cute!

He has now been to the zoo twice and absolutely LOVES it! We have so much fun! He waves at all the animals and just smiles. I love our little zoo here - it's small, but it's fun. Plus, it's nice to be able to get out on pretty days and walk around.

And since he's ten months old and Mother's Day just passed, I thought I'd write a Top Ten List of things I never anticipated about parenthood. :)

10. The way that my house would start smelling - every time I walk into my house, I can totally tell that a diapered baby lives here. We heart Febreeze.

9. How absolutely disgusting a high chair tray can get.

8. How my heart completely stops beating anytime I feel like he's about to fall.

7. I never thought I could be so exhausted and yet be able to keep going through my normal day.

6. I never in my life ever thought I'd pray for someone as much as I pray for Nathan. My days are sometimes like one constant prayer (particularly during grouchy days - ha!).

5. It takes me three days to get somewhere on time now. And spur of the moment Walmart trips? Those are long gone. And I only have ONE kid. I don't know how you moms of multiples do it.

4. I never knew how much STUFF one little baby could collect. And how big most of that stuff is!

3. I don't think I ever realized how long and short a day is at the same time. We love when Jon gets home, but when I tuck Nathan in bed, it seems like the day has flown past.

2. I never knew I could love someone like I do Nathan. It's a totally different type of love than I have for Jon or anyone else. It's completely changed my view of the Cross - I honestly can't comprehend how God could give us His Son like He did.

1. And my all-time favorite: I was nursing Nathan in a little back room at a friend's wedding and a lady walked in and said, "Oh, is that your baby?"

Definitely did not anticipate every getting asked that question. WHILE BREASTFEEDING.

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