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Sun light, sun bright... Or something like that.

So, despite the snowfall we had on Sunday (not even kidding), we have had really nice weather the last few days. It's so hard to stay inside when it's so beautiful outside.

Which is why my shoulders and upper back look like I fell backwards into a tub of red paint. I will now have the outline of my around-the-house nursing tank imprinted on my body for the rest of the year.

Sunscreen. It's not just a good idea, folks. Naturally, I lathered up Nathan like he was going out of the atmosphere and touching the sun.

I just didn't think that I would burn that quickly.

I'm not sure why I didn't. Every single year I get some horrible sunburn the first day out in the sun and then I wear those tan lines the rest of the year. I will be a prime candidate for skin cancer research someday.

We haven't done much that isn't out of the ordinary. Jon's been working, I've been writing and slathering on aloe lotion, Nathan's been doing his playing-eating-sleeping-nursing thing (though we did cut another nursing session out. And he's eating WAY more solid foods now. He's getting so big). Kody's been depressed, but that's pretty normal now.

Poor dog.

Jon and I have gotten into a new show these days - Bones. And while there have been a few episodes where I've regretted eating dessert while watching it, for the most part, I really like it. I always turn off the TV feeling a little smarter and considering about the only time I have the TV on now is to watch Veggie Tales, that doesn't happen too often.

What have you guys been up to? Any other shows y'all would recommend?
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