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Silly Blogger

So sorry for the long absence, guys. I've sat down four times to write a blog and Blogger wouldn't let me login.

Quite frustrating.

And now it's late. So I'm going to summarize what I was going to say in bullet points:

1. Interesting day today. About lunch time, I let Kody outside (which, no, isn't very interesting), looked out a few minutes later and saw him playing with what at first looked like a piece of bark. On a closer look, though, I saw it was a MOUSE.

2. I am horrendously afraid/grossed out/disgusted/horrified/on the verge of breakdowns with anything that involves mice. So I called Jon, who thankfully is on his last week of school, and he was able to run home on his lunch break to get it for me. Nathan and I waited in the car for him because NO WAY was I staying in the house close to the rodents.

3. Because of this, we will now be moving shortly. Which is a shame, because I still haven't decorated my living room completely.

4. I think it's sad that we've lived here almost three years and I still haven't decorated my living room.

5. If you haven't seen Ramona and Beezus, you need to watch it. It is one of my new top three favorite movies. I have teared up with happy tears almost every time I've watched it. Go buy it. Don't even bother renting it. You'll be glad you did.

6. Don't forget that Easter Carats is available on Kindle. And to answer a few questions: No, it won't be releasing in book form, it's only going to be released on Kindle. Also, you can download a free Kindle app to your computer - you don't need a Kindle in order to read it. :) Thanks so much to those of you who have read it and told me your feedback - I love hearing it!

7. I know that it is customary to hear a mouse story and respond with a disgusting one of your own, but PLEASE, for all that is good and barely sane in this world, DO NOT leave your gross mouse stories in the comments! I will not sleep tonight as it is.

8. Aren't these the cutest pictures of Nathan? He was driving Gammy and Pops' Corvette this weekend. Didn't make it out of the garage, though. ;)

Y'all have a rodent-free night.
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