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A Normal Day

Nathan and I have just been hanging out at home today. I've been working on writing and he's been doing his normal play time with his toys.

And he has a new favorite:

Juice! (When you consider how much actual juice I put in there, is really just apple flavored water. Ha!)

I realized today is the first day where we have been home ALL DAY since I don't even remember when. Which is probably why both of us where just kind of sitting there looking at each other for a little bit today like, "What do we do now?"

But then a tickle fight started and we got a little distracted.

This could explain why my carpet has stains all over it now.

He still has a little bit of a problem getting it to all stay in his mouth. Evidenced by his collar. :)

I'm so excited about my upcoming Kindle release! :) But it's got me thinking - what are things you look for when you are picking out a new book to read? Cover art? A friend's recommendation? What plays into your decision?

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