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My First Mother's Day :)

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day.

It kind of weirded me out, to be honest. :) I've spent my whole life being the kid on Mother's Day, so to suddenly be the MOM was cueing all sorts of Twilight Zone music in my brain. This whole past week, I've been looking at Nathan as he crawls around, gets slimy while he eats chunks of bananas, grins with soap on his head in the bath and I've been just shocked by this:


I have a son!

I am so blessed. It takes me off guard most of the time.

Yesterday was so fun! Jon made it very special for me. I got in the shower to get ready to go to church and in the meantime, Jon and Nathan disappeared. When I came into the kitchen, they had Starbucks and flowers sitting on the table. :)

We had lunch after church with my family and Clint and Leigh Ann. It was such a sweet time because it's both of our first Mother's Day! Afterward, Nathan gave me his card which was ADORABLE - it had his little handprint and footprint inside! I loved it!

And then we went over to my parents' house so we could be with my mom on Mother's Day. I love this picture of Nathan helping his Gammy unwrap her gift! And can I just say that having a baby has completely changed my perspective on my mom? I love her more now than I ever have in my whole life. God has blessed me so much in giving me a mother who loves and serves Him. And I know now exactly what she went through with me as a baby and trust me - the respect is flowing unheeded nowadays. :) THANK YOU, MOM - I cannot ever say it enough!

Yesterday was also one of those days where it was just sad being so far away from Jon's family too - we missed you, Connie! Love you and looking forward to celebrating Mom's Day in the summer! :)

But the best thing about Mother's Day? It's the wrapping paper Slip-N-Slide on the carpet after all is said and done:

Goofus. :)

What did you do for your mom?
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