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I left on a jet plane...

This last week, I was in St. Louis talking at the Willot Road Christian Academy's annual Modesty Fashion Show.


I met the sweetest girls, got to chat with the nicest moms running it and just had a complete and total blast! I think one of the highlights was I got to sign one of my books for the second time - ha! Sarah had already ordered one from me and I got to sign it again! I loved it!

We left on Thursday and my amazing mom came with me to help out with Nathan since Jon already had a hunting trip planned for this past weekend for about a year. And he ended up successful:

Don't you love the smile he's got? I was so dang proud of him when I saw this picture!!

Mom, Nathan and I had a great time. We stayed with my aunt and uncle, Dolly and David, and their two girls, Marissa and Rachel. And my grandmother drove up to see us too. Full house! Nathan LOVED getting to meet his Missouri relatives and see his great-grandma again!

I wish I'd gotten more pictures, but I seriously packed my suitcase so full that I couldn't fit the camera (and actually had to redistribute stuff at the ticket counter because my suitcase weighed too much. The perils of traveling with books). So these pictures are from my mom and I'm so glad she got a few!

Wasn't the stage just gorgeous? I felt like I should be getting married instead of going up there by myself. Ha! :)

This is my favorite part of going to events like these - talking to and meeting tons of fun, sweet girls!!

Thanks David, Dolly, Marissa, Rachel, Nama and the fabulous women at WRCA for your hospitality! We had a great weekend!!

I also wanted to tell y'all about a couple of FUN things I'm going to be introducing soon!! Since September seems so far away, I've been working on some new things in the mean time. I'm hoping to have four novellas releasing this late spring and summer! YAY!!! They'll be a Kindle-only release, so if you don't have a Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone, you can download it for free to read on your computer here - PC or Mac.

SO excited for these new releases!!! :)
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