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Our Weekend

Last weekend, Jon's parents came in town to visit. So fun! Nathan had a blast entertaining his Nonnie and Papa O.

And I do mean entertaining.

The boy thrives on attention and he got plenty of it this weekend. He laughed, he made his goofy faces, he threw a couple of fits (ha!) and he also figured out how to push his firetruck around and walk behind it.

He's getting to be so big!

Nathan and I took Nonnie and Papa O to the airport on Monday morning and I think he was asleep before I even left the airport property. Someone was worn out from his fun weekend!

We went over to my friend Eryn's house for a little bit yesterday and it was great seeing everyone from my mom's group. We didn't stay long though because Nathan was about to melt down and did, actually, the rest of the day. Poor guy! He didn't sleep super well while Jon's parents were in town - I think he was worried he was going to miss something!

I finally went on a short walk yesterday with him because we just HAD to get out of the house and have a change of scenery - it seemed to calm him down for a bit, but Nathan was definitely in bed a little early last night!

What did you guys do? :)
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