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Nine Months Old!

Nathan turned nine months old on the 13th.

Where does the time go???

He is so fun and so sweet. He LOVES to laugh and spends most of his day entertaining me and trying to get me to laugh. I just love him!

He has been cutting his two bottom teeth and this past week, they popped through the surface! I can't believe my baby has teeth! He did SO good with the teething - other than being a bit more restless (particularly at night), he didn't seem to have that bad of a time with it. Praise God!

He also started officially throwing fits this month. He'll straighten his little arms out and just yell for a bit. It's kind of funny - ha! I have to try really hard not to laugh as I tell him no. He is getting better with the "no" word though - maybe it's starting to click what it means???

He's started sitting on his knees a lot - I think it makes him feel taller. And he loves to pull up on EVERYTHING - our coffee table, his toys, the couches, my pant leg. You name it, he pulls up on it. He is a crawling machine and follows me around the whole house - so we keep all of the bedroom doors closed now and have a gate up on the kitchen doorway. It's reminding me of the days when Kody was a puppy! Ha!

Nathan is just the BEST blessing we have ever gotten. I am just soaking up every second with my boy!
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