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Monday :)

Yesterday was such a fun, busy day!!

Nathan has been getting into EVERYTHING lately. At first, things were safe if they were up on the coffee table or the couches, but no longer. He is pulling up about every seven seconds, it feels like. Here's what he was doing when I went in his room to get him this morning:

So we've been doing an awful lot of clapping and saying "Yay!!" and a ton of tapping his little hand and saying, "No!" Ha! And I've now got the video camera sitting on the mantle so it's in easy reach (for me, not for him!) at all times.

We started by going to my friend Melanie's house. Her daughter Julia is about three months older than Nathan. My other friend Eryn came too with her daughter Eve. So, Nathan had to hold down the fort as the only man there! Ha! We had so much fun! We took a walk to a park and played on the swings and Nathan was so tired after all the playing that he fell asleep on the walk back to Melanie's house.

Afterward, Nathan got to go play at Gammy and Pop's house while Jon and I went to see this sweet girl:

Isn't she beautiful?? Clint and Leigh Ann had little Hayley Grace early, early, early Monday morning! She is perfect and makes the sweetest sounds. She was only 5 ounces lighter than Nathan when he was born, but I could not believe how tiny and delicate she was. Particularly after I picked up my big boy that night. And I have to confess - I LOVE the smell of a newborn!! Hayley Grace is just gorgeous!

(This is a horrible picture - the light was awful and we took it with my phone. But I had to show us with the sweet, new family!!)

Leigh Ann is doing okay - she had to have an emergency c-section after 28 hours of labor. So please be praying for her recovery!! It's amazing to me how seeing your little baby can wipe away any long, painful hours of labor and delivery though. :) They are going to be the best parents - Clint is already completely taken with his little girl and Leigh Ann is just so in love. SO fun to see! We couldn't stop smiling the whole rest of the night!

Jon and I didn't end up getting back home with Nathan until after eight, which is when he's supposed to be in bed. So Jon gave him a quick bath, I nursed him and put him in bed and then we had a very late, quiet dinner.

Which was very nice. :) Sometimes it's hard to remember what life was like just a few short months ago before our little Nater Tot arrived. It's nice to have our occasional date nights - even if it's eating spaghetti at home after Nathan goes to bed!
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