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Nathan has been cutting his two bottom teeth the last few days and it's been causing him to just not sleep very well at night. So between the teeth and his constant need to pull up (even in the middle of the night!), we haven't been getting our normal amount of rest around here.

Last night was a better night. Thank you, Lord! I've been feeling very zombie-like. Nathan is just a moving machine so it's hard to keep up when I feel so out of it!!

We've had a great week so far - Monday, our little mom's playgroup came over to our house. Nathan had a great time playing with Joel, Julia P. and Eve, but we missed little Julia L. who was sick.

Boys being boys... They loved playing with Nathan's walker!

Sweet little Eve. :)

Later that night, we took dinner over to Clint and Leigh Ann and Nathan was "officially" introduced to little Hayley Grace. She is just so precious. I got to smell her sweet baby head again and I told Jon that it is very dangerous for me to be sniffing baby heads.

Might make me want another one. ;)

Yesterday, we met my friend Meghan for lunch. I haven't seen her in a LONG while and it was so good to catch up! I love how with some friends - even if you haven't seen each other in forever - it doesn't even take a second to pick right back up where you left off before. Her hour lunch break flew past while we chatted and Nathan flirted big time. We might have to watch that kid with the girls!

Today, Nathan had his 9 month check up. NINE. MONTHS.

I'll put his nine month post up whenever I stop getting teary eyed today. I LOVE that he's getting to be so fun and so interactive but I laid him in bed last night and realized how big he's getting and how FAST it has gone by.

Sweet baby.
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