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Oh the new adventures!

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I updated on here! We've had quite the week!

Nathan is now a crawling machine! And I am seeing LOTS of stuff that needs to be baby-proofed. This morning he almost pulled our DVD player on top of himself. And he tossed a bunch of DVDs on the floor. And yesterday, he figured out how to open the fireplace doors.

Oh my.

And not only did we master crawling this week, but he's been learning how to sit up from a crawling position, he's pointing at EVERYTHING with his index finger and he's started saying his consonants - particularly ba, by and buh. Loves those B's! And I got him to say bama instead of mama, but hey - I'll take it! :)

(Forgive the jacket on the floor, Nathan's mismatched outfit - I need to do his laundry - and the sounds of Jon lifting weights in the other room. We're keeping it real here.)

He's had a HUGE learning growth spurt this week! It's hard to keep up! Last night, after we got him to sleep, Jon and I just collapsed. I think he might be teething too - Nathan, not Jon. He's drooling all over everything, today he was running a low grade fever and has been a little cranky the last couple of days.

But, I guess I'd be cranky too if I were being spoon-fed a chicken and applesauce smoothie. :) He seems to love it, though! Today, he's been really fussy - so at one point, I did something else I said I would never do and I turned on Veggie Tales. In the middle of the day. I really don't want to get into the habit of having the TV on all the time, but it seemed to distract him for about ten minutes today. He loves dancing to the music! And I thought it was hilarious that Kody sat down and watched it with him.

Yesterday was our running around day - I went to the grocery store, I cleaned the bathroom, I worked out and we met Clint, Leigh Ann and Leigh Ann's parents at Chick-Fil-A for dinner (they are still waiting for Baby T to make his/her grand appearance!). Jon and I ordered Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer (got it for a great deal on ebay!) and let me tell you - my buns have been feeling it! Ha! I love though that it's such a great workout in such a short amount of time though - it's hard finding time to work out these days. Particularly now that Nathan is so mobile!

I'm baking today - I just finished making a batch of Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins (mmm) for breakfasts this week and I'm about to make some chocolate chip cookies. Because what's the use of getting back into a workout routine without something to burn off? Right?

Your turn! What have you done this week so far?
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