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Girlish Figures

Yesterday, Nathan and I invited several friends over to play. And by "Nathan and I", I mean me. And by "play", I mean all the moms corralling five kids (four who were under one year) while chatting about the joys and excitements of diaper changes, breastfeeding, pureed foods and finding time to shave our legs while keeping the kids from grabbing each other's hair, eyes, cheeks, lips, gums, toys, clothes, legs, toes, shoes, ears and ADORABLE little hair bows that made me wish I could put one in Nathan's hair.

And leggings. Let's not forget the leggings and tunics and precious little sweaters. Or the skinny jeans. I kid you not - all three of the baby girls that showed up were wearing either skinny jeans or leggings and I just wanted to keep them all just so I could play dress up. The babies, that is. Not the leggings.

But. We have a boy. So no leggings. And even though I think Nathan looks cute in just about anything he wears, Jon most likely would disagree. Or at least that's what I figure since I casually mentioned that one of my friends had a 6-12 month snowsuit that we could borrow for our upcoming ski trip.

"You mean it used to be Julia's?" he asked.

"Yeah. I guess it's in great shape."

"What's it look like?"

"It's just pink with purple polka dots."

Then he launched into lecture-mode. "No SON of MINE is EVER going to wear a snowsuit with PINK and PURPLE polka dots."

So, lucky for Nathan and his dad, his Gammy found him a nice navy blue snowsuit on sale. I don't think they realize how lucky they are because me and my money-pinching ways would have definitely borrowed the snowsuit. Pink and purple polka dots notwithstanding.

I figure you guys can handle my honesty. My mother called me stingy this morning on the phone (and she didn't say it all mean like that, I just casually mentioned that I wasn't going to blow $50 on dinner out and she said something about how that doesn't shock her and I was like, I know I'm becoming stingy and she said "becoming?". So I guess she didn't TECHNICALLY call me stingy, but I feel like the implication was definitely there.) Anyway. So, thank you so much, Gammy!! Nathan will look like the adorable little boy he is now!

Speaking of dinner out, Jon and I will be celebrating our third anniversary next week. Which I think is a great time to wrap up the story of us, so I'll be posting that on our big day, the 15th. We've planned to get dinner out and I've planned to get my hair cut that afternoon so I don't look quite so much like a more-straggly version of that old country singer who wears blankets around all the time. Not that it matters too much, because with how much Nathan is into grabbing everything that is and is not moving nowadays, I have had COUNTLESS chunks of hair ripped out of my scalp so I tend to keep it up more than down these days. However. Since we're doing a nice dinner out and might even potentially spend that $50 on dinner, I will probably actually do more with my hair than put it in a ponytail.

And this is another side note, but waaaaaay back when Jon and I were dating/engaged/married-without-children, I liked to watch What Not to Wear (and no idea why I just used the past tense of that because I still like to watch it, I just never do). And there were always these shows about these ladies who used to be all stylish and cute and then they had a baby and became that Poor Young Mom who only wore sweatpants and their husband's undershirts. And I used to tell Mom and Cayce this: "If I EVER become like that as a mom, will you PLEASE just slap me really hard? So hard that I fly back into a decent pair of jeans? I do NOT understand why it would be so hard to actually look nice even if you DO have a baby."

Well. I say this as one who is sitting here in sweatpants and one of her husband's undershirts, I now know, Poor Young Moms. I now know.

And speaking of young moms, I just want to say a big THANKS to all my sweet friends who came to visit yesterday. Not only was it so much fun laughing with y'all about all the fun things we get to do nowadays, but Nathan crashed for a great nap yesterday afternoon and Jon got to hear a 45-minute breakdown of the clothes that all the baby girls were wearing. So I know that he's now scared to death that we might have a baby girl someday and I'm going to spend our last dollars on a pair of skinny jeans and leggings for her.

Which won't happen, really. Because like my mother told me today, I'm stingy.

Or implied. If you want to get all technical about it. :)

Y'all have a great day!
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