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Eight Months Old!

My little Nater Tot was eight months old yesterday!

I feel like I JUST finished writing his seven month post! I can't believe how quickly he is growing and learning and changing.

Nathan is getting to be SO fun. His little personality just shows more and more every day and he is going to be a character and a half! Ha! He's so happy, so excited for EVERYTHING and so loves to laugh.

We weighed him on the bathroom scale and he's about 18.5 pounds now - big boy!! He LOVES to be held all the time, so I'm getting quite the workout these days. :)

He's sleeping about 12 hours at night now - yay! He's also broadened his food horizons and this month, he'll probably get to try some protein. Smushed up chicken - is there anything more appetizing? :) He's getting to be so good at picking up Gerber Puffs by himself - I think it's his favorite part of the meal!

His new favorite thing to do is pinch everything between his two little fingers and so we're now clipping his fingernails like every three days because skin is one of his favorite things to pinch. OUCH. He has definitely caused some pain!

This month was the first month where we've really had to start saying, "No." I don't think he understands it quite yet, but hopefully it's sinking in somewhere. Whether he's poking at the DVD player or pinching or pulling hair - we're trying to start setting some boundaries. :)

He is also getting up on his hands and knees now - no crawling yet, but I'm really enjoying these last few days of having baby who isn't constantly getting into everything. He's still rolling everywhere and trying to scoot around, but he's a pretty slow mover. :) How do you moms with a mobile baby ever take showers??

He is completely and totally the JOY of our lives and I cannot imagine loving him more than I do! What an incredible blessing he is!
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