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Seven Months Old!

My little Nater Tot was seven months old yesterday!

And y'all know me - I almost started crying about it the other day because he's now closer to being a year old than he is to being a newborn. The days just FLY past. He's such a happy, sweet little guy!

This month has been a BIG month for Nathan because he got to try so many new, fun foods! And we saw some definite likes and dislikes come out - he loves, loves veggies and he only tolerates some fruits. We also recently discovered that he had an allergic reaction to corn. :( Hopefully he will outgrow this!! He's down to nursing four times a day and I'm still having to avoid dairy products - really praying that he doesn't have milk and corn allergies for his whole life!!

I've thought he was going to have teeth every day for this whole last month, but they still haven't popped through the surface yet - which is fine by me!! Nathan gums EVERYTHING though. Nothing is safe!!

He's also become a master roller and I spend most of my day trying to keep him from rolling into the corners of our entertainment center, the fireplace or the walls. He sits by himself for hours now and does not play well by himself. :) Someone always needs to be there to play with him! Ha! This could be interesting in a few years...

Nathan definitely knows what he wants and when he wants it. And he's very loud about those preferences. :) Again, this could be very interesting in a few years! He's happy 85% of the time, but that 15% when he doesn't like what's going on is NOT fun for any of us. :)

He's become a very good sleeper. He'll sleep 10-12 hours at night and take two 1.5-2-hour long naps during the day. SO wonderful!! It does make my days a little constricted just because I hate for him to miss a nap, so we don't go too many places during naptime. I've had to cut back a lot on my activities because he isn't so good at napping out anymore. Which is hard but I'd rather have a happy boy. :)

He is just the biggest blessing in our lives!! I thank God continuously for my precious son! :)

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