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Couple of Things...

It's almost 9PM and I'm sitting here listening to Nathan wail away in the next room and so I'm trying to focus on something else because that sound just KILLS me. For whatever reason, he's just been having a rough time getting to sleep lately. He's been doing great for naps, just bedtime has been an issue. Whenever I try to stay in there with him while he falls asleep, he thinks it's time to play. So, we've been trying a mix of crying it out and swaying him to sleep.

It's frustrating, but he's still sleeping about 12 hours a night, so I can't complain too much.

I did have a couple of things I wanted to mention to you!! :) Not really enough to write a full post about, so I'm going to do a checklist because numbers are fun.

1. I've done some spring cleaning on the blog and I think it looks SO cute! I've been learning all kinds lately about HTML and CSS and OCD. ;) Hope you like it too!

2. I couldn't stand it and went in and rocked Nathan to sleep. Go ahead and tattoo it to my forehead: I AM A SOFTIE. I did put him down before he was totally asleep so that's something, isn't it? He just started whimpering, so now I'm praying really hard that he goes back to sleep.

3. There have been lots of naptime snacks happening around here lately. As in my snacking, not Nathan's. I've got to keep up my energy somehow, right? And I've decided that a) the new Sun Chips bags could most likely wake the dead, therefore they are not good naptime snacking material and there is no way that the lady is holding a real Sun Chips bag in the commercial for them because you wouldn't be able to hear anything she was saying and, b) Ritz Pretzel Crisps are quite delightful and, c) I love, love, love Welch's Fruit Snacks. Which Jon thinks is hilarious and very third-grader-ish of me.

4. If you have a child, know a child or have seen a child between the ages of in the womb and middle school, you should definitely get the Jesus Storybook Bible for them. It's my new favorite book (Go, Dog, Go! is a close second) and Nathan and I read from it before both naps. It is SO good. I think I've mentioned it on here before but it's good enough that I'm mentioning it again. We got Nathan's when we dedicated him at church. It's wonderful.

5. Nathan apparently went back to sleep. Thank you, Lord!

6. I was poking around different blogs today and found this super cute earring holder idea:

The lighting is horrible in this picture, but it's late and I'll try to take a better one tomorrow. It took me about thirty minutes of work (not counting letting the paint dry) and less than five dollars. I just bought a plain wood frame at Walmart for $3, took off the back and the glass, painted it with a few coats of Antique White acrylic paint, then twisted some ribbon and pushed it in with cute little pushpins that I found in the clearance aisle. And ta-da! I love it! The one I saw online used wires and a staple gun - either one would turn out cute!

7. I think that's all I've got but I felt weird ending on a six-pointer. No idea why.

If y'all could also keep my sweet friend Leigh Ann in your prayers - she's almost 36 weeks pregnant with their first baby and I remember being SO nervous at this point with Nathan. Such a fun, scary, overwhelming and exciting time!

Have a great night!
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