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The Continuing Saga :)


So, by this point, Jon and I had been dating for about six or seven months. And I have NO idea how he made it through those months! He had to wake up at 4AM for football practice before heading to do his student teaching in a 2nd grade special education classroom from 8-4, then went back to the football stadium for meetings before coming over to my parents' house for dinner. And sometimes, he didn't leave before 10 or 11 at night.

We had a new habit forming, though. He would come over, hang out with me for a couple of hours, and then start the process of heading home. I would always walk him outside and we would end up sitting on the porch steps, watching the stars and talking for sometimes another hour or two.

Talking has never been a problem of ours.

So, it was on one of these warm nights that Jon first told me he loved me.

And I was NOT expecting that at all. I think we will notice a trend in our relationship - Jon did something and it totally shocked me, because I am apparently the Queen of All Things Clueless.

He was so sweet about it. We were standing there, just talking as he was leaving and he gave me a hug and then pulled back and said, "So, I don't want to scare you or anything and you don't have to say anything back, but I just want you to know that I love you." Then he hugged me really tight and I just stood there like what just happened.

Because Cluelessness apparently is a good friend and neighbor of Slow To Process Love Declarations.

Poor Jon. I think a good five or ten minutes went by of complete silence. He kept hugging me and probably had a few dozen brain cells implode while I thought this over.

Jon. Loved. Me. And no daisies needed to die for me to figure it out.

And then I started smiling and just being all fuzzy and sticky deep in my chest because, goodness, who wouldn't have gotten a little on the sappy side after a gorgeous, sweet, Godly man told them they loved them? Especially if you loved them back and it was just all so wonderful.

Except for the small fact that I was still just standing there in total silence. So, I jumped and was like, "Oh! I love you too, Jon." And - poor guy - he let out the HUGEST exhale ever.

Then he was like, "Oh good! I'm really glad."

And it was nice and awkward because typically after a love confession like that, I think it's tradition to kiss or something. And I've already told y'all about the No Smooching preference and we were definitely not ready for a proposal or anything.

So, Jon just kind of kissed my cheek and left and I just was sort of like, um, okay, and turned to go back in the house, still all fuzzy inside.

"Hey Erynn?" Jon was back at the front gate, smiling.


"Just wanted to let you know that I didn't just say that lightly. I really mean it." Then he smiled again and left.

And this is where it got really fun!!

I've got a couple of questions from you guys that I'm hoping I'll be able to answer soon! :) We've had WAY below freezing temperatures and snow here this last week and Jon has been off since Tuesday. SO nice!! We've been getting stuff done, watching Boy Meets World marathons (love it!) and playing with family and friends. :)

Guess who will be baby-proofing soon??

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