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Weekend and Questions!

I had such a FUN weekend! On Saturday, I helped throw a baby shower for my sweet friend Leigh Ann - she's due March 26 and it will be here so soon! Nathan can't wait for a new friend to play with! I think the shower was a smashing success!

Nathan has become a rolling MACHINE. I am fondly remembering those days of being able to set him down somewhere and him staying in the same place - and I know it's only going to get worse from here! He rolls back and forth across the whole floor most of the day. Time to baby proof!!

(Pardon the phone pic - it's super blurry, but I just LOVE this picture! This is the face I see 90% of the day! I just love our happy, happy boy!) He's learned to sit up by himself now. :) :(

He's also learned how to shake his head "no" and does that for minutes on end until MY head is pounding with the headache he must have. Ha! What cracks me up about it though, is he laughs the entire time he's doing it. :) Silly boy!

We are having a MAJOR chill day today - Nathan and I are not in our pajamas, but we might as well be with what we're wearing!! :) So, I thought it would be a great day to keep talking about mine and Jon's story!

Instead of continuing though, I did want to stop and answer a few questions y'all have asked me over the past few times I've told these stories:

How did you know Jon was the right one?

There were SO many little things that led up to Jon being the right one. He was a Christian - and not just in word, but in actions too. We shared the same theology (sounds weird, but it DOES make a difference!). We had the same hopes and dreams for our lives. Jon loves, loves, loves kids and I knew he would make an amazing daddy (which he now is!). He treated my parents with respect. He treated ME with respect - everyone likes to talk about how the guy loves them, takes them out, brings them flowers etc (which is HUGE, don't get me wrong), but it is very important that he treats you like a treasure as well!

He was very protective of me and it was so sweet. :) He took the time to learn about me - he remembered things about me or things I'd said that I didn't even remember saying. I've already mentioned how he respected my boundaries (I don't think I can say this enough - if he doesn't respect your boundaries, leave him NOW).

In the end, though, I just knew. And yes, it drove me nuts when people told me that when you know, you know. But really. You just know. I loved him, he loved me, we both loved Christ and I knew our marriage would be a triangle, not a line (lines end. Triangles don't). :)

Dating, engagement - it's all steps toward getting to know each other so very, very well that you just know. Don't rush it - you don't need to find out everything about him on the first date (and he definitely should not find out everything about you!!). Take your time. The fun is in the journey!

What about guys who say they are Christians and then - surprise! - they aren't?

Oh friend - my heart just breaks for you after reading this question!! I want to encourage you that not all guys who say they are Christians are just defrauding you - there are wonderful, sweet, Godly men out there!

But I also want to encourage you to really include the men that God has placed in your life - your dad, your grandfather, your brothers, your friends - in any relationship that you are thinking of starting. Guys tend to have a sixth sense about other guys - and most of the time can tell whether or not they are who they say they are.

Above all else, stay close to Christ. The closer you are walking with Him, the more evident it will be when someone is just pretending to have a relationship with Him. And know that I am praying for you!

How about you guys? Those of you who are married, how did you know that your husband was the right one?

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