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There were never such devoted SEESTERS...

Oh my. Now that song is stuck in my head.

Apologies, everyone.

So, last but definitely not least, I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful and talented sister, Cayce.

Also known as Kiki around here, thanks to a movie called America's Sweethearts. Cayce is almost six years younger than me and when my parents told me, Bryant and Caleb that they were pregnant, I started praying that very night for a sister and prayed every night afterward until she was born. And God was kind enough to grant those prayers!!

Cayce is hilarious - she's got a very dry sense of humor and it just makes me laugh. She's my fellow movie buff. We LOVE watching movies together and once a year, we have our Annual Worst Movie Ever day, where we watch the dumbest movies we've ever seen. We make popcorn and get Starbucks and chocolate and just laugh and make fun of the movies the whole day.

It's awesome. So, there have been years where we've just needed some cheering up so we've had more than one Worst Movie Ever days. :)

The real love of Cayce's life is Christ and she is definitely an unashamed follower! I love that she is always being asked questions by her coworkers (or dragging them to church ;) ). She has a huge heart for anyone hurting which is something I just love about her.

Cayce loves politics and will never shy away from a good political debate! She's also a music lover and plays the guitar, sings and occasionally will write her own music. (Are you noticing a trend here in my family? Then there's me - zero musical talent at all.)

She is such a wonderful auntie! Nathan is a huge fan of his Aunt Cayce's and anytime she comes over, he feels the need to show off all of his new tricks. It's SO adorable!

She's the best sister and friend I could have ever asked for!!

You've now met all of my siblings! I'll introduce you to my wonderful parental units this week and then you've met the family! :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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