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Squash Boy

When I get to heaven, I'm going to walk right up to the Baby Whisperer and give her a huge hug.

She is not be the first in line for that hug, but trust me. She'll definitely get one. Because as of tonight, Nathan has gone down for every nap in the last two days with little to no complaining and last night he slept ten and a half hours.


I was so happy, I nearly cried this morning. After my last post, he was again up in the middle of the night for two hours and I decided I was losing my mind. He slept better when he was first home from the hospital than he was the last couple of weeks. In desperation, I started reading the Baby Whisperer books my friend Krista loaned me at 3AM one night.

And I think a combination of that and a TON of prayer has helped a lot!!!

So, I'm a bit more rested (thank you, Lord!!) and Nathan is quite a bit happier. We had a good day today - a super sweet woman, DJ, came over for a little bit this morning and we worked on our friend Leigh Ann's baby shower (YAY!). Then, Nathan and I headed out to Kohls for some new jeans and we ran by Babies R Us for some squash.

Because, y'all, Nathan loves himself some squash. He's the Squash Boy of this household. I gave him about a tablespoon of it the other day and he liked it okay, yesterday he had about half a jar and today, he ate the WHOLE jar.

Probably would have licked it clean if he had a cool mom who would let him do that. But he doesn't, so he didn't.

I have to show you his first impression on the squash. We tried it at my parents' house two nights ago. Hilarious!

We also have a new member of the family:

Yep. Jon finally got his truck - and it's got TONS of room for Nathan's car seat in the back. And the best part is we were able to get such a great deal on it - it ended up being very close to what we got when we sold the Mustang. What a huge blessing! :)

What did you guys do today?

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