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Meet my brother!!

Well guys.

Y'all know I'm a bit of a matchmaker. Maybe more than just a bit. ;) So, when I saw that Kelly's Korner was doing a matchmaking type of a thing for singles, I just couldn't resist.

So in the spirit of all things good and marriageable...

This is my brother Bryant!

He is 24, currently getting his Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin.

Bryant is such a GREAT brother! :) First and foremost, he LOVES God and follows Him completely with his whole heart! He loves music and he plays the guitar extremely well - he's now leading the music at his Navigator's group in Austin. He is a big sports fan - loves to watch football and baseball and he plays pickup football and basketball. He's also a huge fan of skiing - both snow and water.

Bryant is a family guy - here he is with our grandmother who lives in Missouri. :)

He is something of a homebody but he still enjoys hanging out with friends and family. His new favorite person is this little guy:

my son, Nathan (who was drooling horribly in this picture)! Bryant is such a good uncle and SPOILS him to death!

When Bryant finishes his degree, he's coming back to New Mexico to continue his engineering career for a company out here. Which is great news for us because we LOVE having him around!

Feel free to contact him at bdmangum8@gmail.com. :D

I love that Kelly is doing this!! :) And I'm posting my "real" blog for today in just a couple of minutes... ha! :)

Love you, brother! Sorry!! Hopefully one day, you'll thank me! :) :)

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