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I guess as long as he's happy...

Fifteen toys around him and Nathan would rather plan with the unopened bottle of Mylicon.

Before, this would have worried me. I would have pushed those little keys on him so he could be surrounded by his primary colors and learning his gross motor skills. But to quote Elizabeth Bennett, "My feelings...my feelings are so different now." Now, I like to think that maybe he's on his way to becoming a pharmacist.

(And just know that there were a few more toys on the floor too. Not just the two on his highchair. Though, there is a good reason I went into creative writing and not math.)

Since we were out of town, I waited to introduce any other solid foods until we got back, just so if there were any tummy issues, they happened at home instead of in the middle of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Because as much as I like diaper explosions in public places, I just thought Disney World would be so much fun without it and I didn't want us going into Fun Overload Mode.

So, last night, we gave Nathan squash and applesauce. He chowed down on the squash. He loves squash and loves his rice cereal. And here were his thoughts on the applesauce:

Ha! We'll try again tonight!

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