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Happy New Year!

So, I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. If I do, I usually make ones like this: "I resolve to pay for everything with pennies today."

This year, though, I want to try and write more on this blog. That and I want to take at least one picture of Nathan every day. He changes SO much SO quickly - I just want to freeze time and capture every second of his little life.

And I'm finally putting up pictures of his dedication and first Christmas! There are probably going to be a zillion pictures in this post, and it's more for me to remember than anything else, so be forewarned - long, long post ahead!

We dedicated him a few weeks ago at church and it was such a sweet service! Just in the first service alone, I think there was about 10 babies being dedicated - so wonderful! I always cry through baptisms and baby dedications - I think there's something SO special about publicly declaring that you belong to Christ.

We had to read a verse that we chose for Nathan and we picked the verses I read right before I found out I was pregnant - 1 Samuel 1:27-28. "For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him. So I have also dedicated him to the Lord; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord."

I love how the whole time he was being dedicated Nathan was checking out the girl next to him. Maybe we should have picked a different verse. There's got to be one in there that goes something like this: "And sons, you may only love your mother and grandmothers and that is it as far as females go forever."

Apparently being dedicated is hard work. This was how he looked when we got to my parents' house for lunch afterward. So we said, "Hey, Nathan!" And he did this:


We spent Christmas Day in California with Jon's family so we celebrated with my family the Wednesday before. And let me tell you - Nathan got spoiled ROTTEN over that week. Not only did he make out with some serious loot but he seriously spent maybe five whole minutes without being held.

Maybe five minutes. Probably more like four.

He got the hang of opening up presents after about thirty seconds. Then he was ripping through everything around him!

He got TONS of stuff from my family! Including his new best friend Pluto from Gammy and Pops - yay! Nathan LOVES him. It's so adorable!

This was such a neat present from his great-grandma, Nama. The book can record someone reading it! So Nama recorded herself reading the book to Nathan - SO COOL!!

He got a walker from me and Jon and he just loves it! After celebrating Christmas with the Mangums, we packed up everything and headed to California on Christmas Eve to celebrate with the O'Briens. And I do mean everything:

Nathan also went on his first plane ride! The flight attendants were so sweet - they gave us a little certificate that said it was his first flight and he got his first set of wings. He did SO good on the plane! I was so worried we were going to be that family that everyone else hated. But he did awesome!

We had such a wonderful time with the California clan! Nathan got to meet his aunts and uncles and Great-Grandparents O'Brien for the first time. He did so well! He was fighting a cold the whole time we were there and he still managed to stay pretty happy for the most part!

I got lots of pictures of him meeting the Great O'Briens for the first time and I thought I'd gotten some of him seeing Great-Grandparents Hunt as well as all the aunts and uncles ... BUT there were three of the exact same cameras there this last week and I think I picked up the wrong camera by mistake for one of those days. :( SAD. I need to get my copies from the other girls!

Nonnie and Papa O took us to the airport and I thought this was just the cutest picture of the three of them!

Christmas - as always! - went by waaaay too fast! I can't believe our little Nater-Tot's first Christmas has been here and passed. And now we're in 2011!

Where does the time go?

Finally, I had to post this video of Nathan. He is laughing SO much now and it just cracks us up because his laugh is so deep compared to his high little voice!

If you stuck with me this far (ha!), thanks! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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