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Birthday :)

Yesterday was my 26th birthday.

That sounds like a shameless plug to get a few "Happy Birthdays" in the comments section. Ha! :) I had the best day! Jon had the day off because of MLK Jr. Day, so we woke up late, he cooked me a huge breakfast of French toast, eggs and bacon and then we stayed in our pajamas and watched movies until it was time to get all dressed up for our dinner date. :)

And my little Nater Tot behaved so well! My parents kept him last night for us so we could have a quiet dinner and it was just wonderful.

Such a great day!

Y'all know I love hanging out with Nathan during the day - but I absolutely LOVE my dates with Jon! Sometimes it's hard now to ever have a moment just the two of us where there isn't a baby between us or a monitor buzzing in the background. It's hard to get used to - especially since it was just us all the time before Nathan.

So, last night was VERY nice - we sat and talked at California Pizza Kitchen and just kept ordering food so we could stay longer without making our waitress mad. Ha! I left there so full! I got these Baja Fish Tacos and they were just as good as they look!

I started the story of how Jon and I met before Nathan was born and I'm thinking I might need to finish that story. Maybe this week? Would y'all mind if we took a blast to the past again? :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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