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And The Little One Said, "Roll Over!"

We have had a rough couple of nights here. Nathan has woken up at least once and usually twice or three times in the middle of the night for the last few nights and he's been all congested during the day too.

It's so sad. So, yesterday, we finally went on the offensive. I bought almost every product available at Wal-Mart for sick babies and last night, we rubbed his chest with the Vicks BabyRub, sprayed saline in his nose and suctioned him out (which, as you can imagine, he just loves. Or not), and I found a little plug-in vaporizer thing that was recommended for babies.

And even with all of that, he was STILL up at 3 AM last night. And was up for at least an hour and a half - I finally just put him in his swing and fell asleep on the couch because nothing I did was helping. And then he slept until nine this morning. I kind of wonder if it's because of the rice cereal - he has been SO gassy lately. Like painfully gassy. Moms out there - did your kids ever deal with stomach issues after starting solids?

Today, though, he's been a little better. I've been suctioning him out every hour and spraying his nose with saline. And he's even taken two decent naps today. Today was Jon's first day back at work after Christmas break, so it was weird to be home without him but nice to be back in a routine.

I'm a girl who likes my routines. :) I know, I know. Boring, boring, boring.

Even though he didn't feel so good, he still was making faces at the dinner table. So, I had to share the less than flattering video of me which is also the super cute video of him. Notice the soaking burp cloth on the table. We like to keep things appetizing at my house.

Side note: As I was writing this, Jon was half playing with Nathan on the floor and half watching the Orange Bowl. He looked down and Nathan had rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time and NEITHER OF US SAW IT.

Great timing there, kid. And then Jon and I got so excited about it that we scared him and he burst into tears.

Poor baby.

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