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A Sneak Peek at Tomorrow's Giveaway!!

And here it is!! Tons of fabulous stuff! I found the cutest coffee mugs with chalkboards on the outside so you can write little notes (how adorable is that?!), Bath and Body Works shower gel, lotion and perfume, a loofah, a super cute hat from Forever 21 and ... of course... a Starbucks gift card! :)

I've got two of these, so you've got two chances to win! Any purchase from my Bookstore between 10-11AM (Central time) qualifies you as well as any purchase of a complete series. If you buy both series, you get your name in the hat four times! And, if you are one of the first ten people to buy a complete series, you also get a "I'm Waiting For My Ryan" backpack totally free. AND, don't forget about my special, one-day-only price of buy two books, get the third one FREE!

WOW. I so can't wait for tomorrow! I hope to meet all of you then! Come join in the fun and conversation here! :)

Have a happy night!

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