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Online Book Signing is TOMORROW!!!


I'm SO excited about this! I'm hoping that it will really be a chance for all of us to "meet" as best as we can! :) I'll be live blogging throughout the day, so please leave comments and I'll respond to questions, thoughts, whatever you have to say! Always wanted to know why Lauren hates alliteration so much? Or why Maya is so fond of sticky notes? Come on over and ask!! :)

Here's the schedule! All times will be in the Central time zone.

10AM - 11AM - Early Bird Special!! ANY orders during this first hour put your names in the hat for a FUN giveaway (I'll post a picture tonight!)

12PM-5PM - Any order of a complete series (all three books of either the Maya or Lauren series) gives you a shot at yet another fun giveaway! Order BOTH complete series and you get your name put in four times over!

I'm having TONS of great deals as well! Order any two books and get the third one FREE! Also, along with having a shot at a giveaway, the first ten people to order a complete series will receive a FREE "I'm Waiting For My Ryan" backpack.

Every book will be signed by me to the person of your choice!

To my out-of-the-country friends - these deals apply to you as well, but in order to receive your books by Christmas, I'll need to add a $15 shipping charge to your order. :( I'm sorry!!

I'll be back later tonight with a sneak peek at the giveaways! I'm SO excited!

Have a great day!

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