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Well guys.

I had grand plans about posting Nathan's five month post today filled with facts and cutesy pictures. But MY WORD has it been a Monday today. For whatever reason, Nathan decided that he didn't need a nap today and decided to scream at the top of his lungs the whole day instead.

The top of his lungs. He got hoarse at one point but then he mustered up some more vocal cords from deep down and continued on.

I finally gave up hope of getting anything done around my house, packed the screaming boy into the car and went to the place that would most likely succeed in sucking all the rest of the Christmas spirit out of me - the post office.

Where the Nater-Tot and I stood in line for about 30-45 minutes. He, thank goodness, didn't scream while we were there but decided to try and grab for everything that was within about ten feet of him. The diaper bag. The pen I was using. The labels I was adhering. The books I was mailing. The guy working the mail counter. The brochures about how easy moving is. The poor people behind me who just came back from a baby shower/funeral (I kid not).

Needless to say, there was a lot of twisting and I kept having to adjust my hold on him because, silly thoughtless girl that I am, I imagined it was going to be a quick wait and I didn't bother to get the stroller out. We got back in the car and the screaming started up again.

So, I headed to the mall to get some Christmas gifts and maybe see another human being who would look at me as more than their next meal and a waiting eardrum to pop. And THANK GOODNESS my mother happened to be just going to the mall at the same time because I was seriously about to burst into tears (and did a little bit actually in Old Navy).

Y'all know that I love being a mom. Love it, love it. I cannot imagine a better life than the one I have right now. And I love Nathan more than I could ever imagine loving a child.

But that doesn't mean that I don't sometimes get very lonely at the house, or on days like today where he just screams and cries for no reason at all and nothing I do makes any difference that I don't get frustrated. Sometimes I do wish that I could just sit and write in the mornings with no distractions again. There are days where I have to pray many times over for patience with my son.

So, my mom today at the mall was a HUGE help. I got intelligent conversation and she even got Nathan to stop screaming! It's helpful even to be told feeling like this is very normal. I'm not just losing my mind! Ha! :) And then Jon met us there and drove Nathan (who was back to screaming) home so I could drive the quiet car back. I love Mom and Jon so much! Thank you guys!

We got home and Nathan took, miraculously, a short nap before dinner. And I am now in my jammies and Jon took care of him all night. I'm so thankful for such a good husband. While I can usually find a smile for Nathan, Jon is the one to get all the flack. And I'm sorry for that. :( And even on days like today where Nathan has been such a pill, all it takes it one adorable little smile while his daddy gives him a bath and I'm all back to loving being a mom.

So, all this to say that Nathan's five month post will hopefully be up tomorrow!

Also, I've gotten a few fun things that I just have to share especially since the rest of this post has been such a bummer!

This is a book trailer that Jewell Kirkendoll, a 7th grade student at Moore MST Magnet School in Texas made for Miss Match. Isn't it great? I loved seeing this! Thanks so much, Jewell!

And this is a picture of my uncle David Terry, aunt Dolly, my two cousins, Marissa and Rachel and my grandma, Nama (or as she's known in her real life, Eloise Terry), with Michael W. Smith and David Hamilton (who works with Michael). TOO FUN. I'm having serious envy of my book right here, which I didn't even know could be possible. Miss Match has met Michael W. Smith!

SO cool! Thank you so much, guys, for taking my books there!! :) Love you all!

Well. The Nater Tot is now in bed and I'm about to make a pan of gingerbread cookies, courtesy of Pillsbury. It is definitely a good time for cookies. Hope all of us have a restful night!

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