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Good morning!!!

The Bookstore is now open!! Remember, ANY purchase between now and 11AM Central time gives you a shot at one of the giveaways! And if you want to double your chances, order a complete set this hour!

To get the Buy Two, Get One Free offer - add two books of your choice to your cart and then use the drop down menu at the top of the Bookstore to add your free book. Be sure to specify what name you want them signed to. Remember, this is only until 5PM tonight!

Also, I'm live blogging today, so leave comments, questions, whatever you want in the comments section and I'll respond right then (also in the comments section)!


P.S. HA! Look how I found the Nater Tot when I went in to get him this morning? How do you turn the wrong way in your crib in a sleep sack?! (A sleep sack is just a wearable blanket! You zip him right into it)

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