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Five Months Old!

I have no idea where the time is going. Even on days like yesterday where he was being absolutely awful, the days STILL fly by.

MOST of the time, he is a happy, happy boy. He squeals and talks and shrieks and yells all day long. Nathan wakes up around 6 to 6:30AM, nurses and then goes right back down until around 9 or so. However, today he slept until 7:20 and then slept again until about 10.

Yesterday must have worn us both out!

He still, by the grace of God, is being exclusively nursed. I am so so so thankful that the nursing is going so well! We've decided to start cereal and then changed our minds about six times by this point. :) I think we might wait until after all of our Christmas festivities. One less new thing to adjust to for him!

He can roll easily from his tummy to his back now. Actually, most of the time I put him on his tummy he's only on it for about two and a half seconds because then he flips over. He tries very hard to roll over from his back to his tummy, but that shoulder just gets in the way. :) He'll get there! He can also sit unsupported for a few seconds - we're working on that.

Nathan LOVES to read! I hope that he will always appreciate reading. He's a snuggler, so we are both very content to cuddle up on the couch with a few books and just read and read. He loves to grab for the pages now too, so those cardboard books are a great invention! :)

His other new favorite thing is to make this silly face:

Ha! He started doing it in the bath and Jon and I just rolled. So, now he does it all the time. He's also discovered that coughing gets him attention (I think we have his best friend Noah to blame for that one!). :) And he LOVES to blow raspberries. I wake up to him talking and blowing raspberries into the monitor.

He is SO ticklish! We can laugh forever tickling him because he has the funniest laugh! His little voice is so high, but his laugh is so deep - it just is the cutest thing. Jon caught it on video the other day (something of a miracle because everything stops when Nathan sees the video camera), so I'm going to try and upload that this week. So cute!

He grabs for everything!! It is almost impossible to drink something while holding him now because he is always reaching for it. No more hot drinks while snuggling in the morning! Jammie time has become one of my all-time favorite parts of the day - after we both wake up and he finishes nursing, he'll just sit and snuggle for a long time and I just love it.

He is such a silly little guy. Even on cranky days like yesterday, we just love our little Nater Tot!

He met Santa and Mrs. Claus this past weekend, so I had to show the progression through pictures:

Ha! Such a silly boy! It went SO much better than I was envisioning - I was counting on tears and screaming, but he loved Santa! And he loved Santa's beard! Ha!

We even got a decent family picture in - this isn't the same one I'm using for our Christmas cards, but I thought it was cute too!

Have a great night!

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