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Another Chronicle in the Many Adventures at Wal-Mart

Yesterday, guys, I officially became a mom.

And yes - Nathan was born almost five months ago (what??!!) and on that day I became a mother. But yesterday.

Yesterday I was definitely a mom.

So, it began with a trip to Wal-Mart because I hadn't been there in over a week and I'd started getting notes in my mailbox from the employees wondering if I was even still alive. It was time to go visit. Plus, we were out of a bunch of necessities like eggs and bread and I wanted to look at a few things for Christmas gifts.

I put Nathan in the Moby wrap (which we both love, despite it being fairly complicated and time-consuming to put on in the parking lot while everyone stares at you like, "Hey lady, Halloween already passed") and I was standing there looking at a potential Christmas gift when I felt it.

Explosion. Down south of Nathan's border, if you get what I'm saying.

I just started praying that it hadn't busted out the sides of the diaper, but my prayers got a resounding no because it was already soaking through Nathan's pants.

SIDE NOTE: Sorry in advance for all of the diaper and diaper-related messes contained in this blog post.

I ran to the closest place I could find, the women's dressing room, and told the lady guarding the doors that he was exploding and could I just run in there and change him?

She was very nice. I think she actually laughed before she unlocked the dressing room door for me which just proves that she is also a mom, I'm sure. I got out my little changing pad from the diaper bag, pulled Nathan out of the Moby and pulled his pants and diaper off and got him all wiped off.

I reached in my bag for a clean diaper.

And guys...


Not one. I could have sworn that I had at least three in there, but as I dug through my entire bag, I did not find anything. "Crap, crap, crap!" I kept whispering.

Which, yes, was the source of this issue. :)

I looked down at Nathan, who was, of course, happy as he could be being half-naked in Wal-Mart. I dug through my bag again and came up with a maxi-pad from the days after Nathan was born (you who have had babies know exactly why that was there).

There was only one thing to do.

Y'all. I put a maxi-pad on my son. I buttoned his onesie over it, put on some clean pants, put him back in the Moby wrap and RAN through the rest of the store.

I get to the checkout and the girl cashier looks at Nathan and goes, "Aren't babies just the sweetest things?"

By the time we got home, he'd peed through the pad and all his clothes. So I did laundry yesterday. And lots of it.

Yes, you guys. Babies are just the sweetest things. :)

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