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Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Doctor's Visits

Prepare for tons of pictures.

Christmastime is here! If you've been reading my blog for any time at all, you have to know that I spend most of the year looking forward to this time! :) And I am SO excited about spending it with our little Nater-Tot this year - yay!! (Though, based on the above picture, I might be slightly more excited than he is!)

Last Wednesday started Jon's Thanksgiving vacation from work, so we packed up almost everything we own and moved it all over to my parents' house for what was supposed to be a two-night stay.

We left Sunday afternoon. :) What can we say? They spoiled us rotten with yummy cinnamon rolls, an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and tons of leftovers. Plus, we had constant help with the Nater Tot (who started laughing at us this past week! He's been laughing when you tickle him for a couple of weeks, but lately he's been just dying of giggles when Jon plays with him at night. SO FUN!) and he didn't want to leave either. Who wants to leave when you're the center of attention?

We stayed up late playing Mexican train and watching movies and just talking and laughing. My brother Bryant was in town for the whole time we were there and aside from my sister Cayce having to work a few of the days, everyone was home for the whole time. I love my family! We had the best time! I was looking through pictures and somehow we missed getting some of Cayce and Caleb with Nathan. And some of the whole family. :( Guess we'll have to remedy this soon!!

I found Nathan's Thanksgiving shirt at Kohls and even though it was a little big, I just thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Have to admit - it was kind of a bummer to wake up Monday morning and find no cinnamon rolls eat, no coffee being made, no newspaper to read... ;)

Yesterday, Jon's aunt and uncle from Maryland were coming through town and they were SO sweet and took us out to dinner. Nathan just loved them. I think he's gotten to used to having tons of attention all the time. Now he's not content to stay home and have it just be us.

Yesterday was also Nathan's four-month-checkup. He - once again - was rudely awakened from a nap by the nurse, but he did do a lot better with his shots this time around (and so did I).

His current stats are: 26 1/4 in long (95%), 13 pounds 15.5 ounces (25%) and his head was 43 cm around, though I don't remember what percentile that was. Long, skinny baby! Our doctor said he was doing great - perfectly healthy, despite his constant spitting up. ;) We are so blessed!

I finally found Nathan's stocking! Last year, we put one of those little mini stockings up since we didn't know whether he was a boy or girl. So crazy to realize that at this time last year, I had just announced I was pregnant! I wasn't showing and was still in the middle of horrible morning sickness. It is SO much more fun this year!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for my online booksigning this Saturday! I'll be giving away lots of fun prizes and I've also got some GREAT deals on autographed copies of the Lauren Holbrook and Maya Davis series!!

And today... is Jon's birthday!! :) I am SO thankful to have such an amazing husband and that Nathan has such a wonderful dad. I couldn't have asked for a better man! I love his heart for God and the way he makes Nathan laugh. I love how protective he is of me and how he goes along with all my crazy ideas (hey, let's put up Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving this year!). I love how he is such a huge help around the house (especially now with the Nater-Tot here) and how he supports me in being a mom and in my writing. I love how he provides so well for us and takes such amazing care of his family. It's my prayer that Nathan turns out like his daddy. :) I love you, honey! Happy birthday!

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