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Our Week

Last weekend, my mother-in-law flew in to spend a few days with the Nater Tot. And after a rocky night on Friday (beginning with a meltdown earlier that day - poor kid. Friday was not a good day for him!), he cheered up and we had a great weekend!

We did absolutely nothing except play with Nathan and go out to eat a couple of times. It was so nice! We haven't spent an entire weekend lounging around the house in forever! Jon watched football, I actually finished a hat I've been working on for Nathan for the last few weeks... very restful!

The Thursday before Connie got here, Nathan rolled over about eight times in a row from his stomach to his back. Seriously. I'd lay him down on his stomach and he'd last there about three seconds before flipping over.

So, naturally, I was convinced that he was officially rolling over now. And I bragged the whole way home from picking her up at the airport that Nathan was rolling over and he was so talented.

Guess who didn't roll over once the entire weekend? And guess who then rolled over twice the day after Connie left?

Yep. That's my son. I swear, Connie, he really does roll over! :)

Last night, Jon and I left Nathan with Gammy and Pops for a much-needed coffee date. And since he'd gotten a bath and his last nursing at their house and slept the whole way home, we decided to see how he would do if we didn't swaddle him. We've been swaddling him every night and for most of his naps.

He did SO GOOD. He slept until almost eight this morning and when I went in and checked on him, he was sleeping with his arms up by his head. So cute! I nursed him and put him right back down and he's going on another two hours of sleep - WOW. I am so thankful that we've been blessed with a baby who is such a naturally good sleeper!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

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