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Fun weekend and a great opportunity for you bloggers out there!

Jon and I spent last weekend in Colorado Springs visiting our sweet friends, Jen, Greg, Noah, Brian, Becca and Barb. Super fun, because we totally surprised Jen! And I would like to say that I have TONS of adorable pictures of Noah and Nathan.

But I can't say that because I don't. Someone forgot to put the camera in the car. And someone didn't want to go back for it.

That "someone" was me on both accounts. :( We were already running late and I didn't want to add another twenty plus minutes to our trip.

Especially since it was Nathan's first road trip and I was dreading a baby screaming in our ears for six hours. But I was SO proud of him! He cried for a total of maybe thirty minutes the ENTIRE twelve hours we were in the car this weekend. He did awesome!

So, I have these few pictures I took with my phone. Jen got some cute pictures that she'll have to email me. Hint, hint. ;)

Nathan loved playing with all of Noah's fun toys!

And speaking of Noah, here's the little cutie with Mimi Barb - he's got teeth! And he's walking! I dread Nathan getting older, but seeing Noah makes me realize it's okay if he gets a little older.

Just a little though.

And, I have FUN news for you guys out there who have blogs: Shutterfly is doing something really cool and offering 50 FREE Christmas cards to bloggers. You need to go to this link here and fill out a form: Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly: http://bit.ly/sfly2010

After that, they'll email you the info you need to get your Christmas cards! Also, check out their other fun products - they've got beautiful calendars and I think these little gift tags are just about the cutest things. :)

Don't y'all just love Christmas cards? This is the time of year when I start getting excited about getting the mail. Not just bills anymore! I think my favorites have always been the photo cards - I love, love, love seeing all my friends and family. I can't wait to send out pictures of Nathan to everyone - he's getting so big so quickly! I love the ones with the multiple photos - I'm thinking I might include several pictures from these last few months, instead of just one (one? Seriously, how could I even start to pick?). Here's my current favorite, but I'm still debating!

Anyway, highly recommend that you participate if you're a blogger!

Nathan and I ran to Target this afternoon to do some birthday shopping for a certain hunk that lives at my house ;) (I know, I know. I'll stop gagging you guys). So fun to be birthday shopping with my boy! We were looking at a few things and I thought, hmm...

Ha! Isn't he so cute?! He didn't last more than about ten minutes in there before I started feeling bad that he had to be strapped in like that in order to stay in a sitting-up position, so I pulled him back out. And just so you know, I wiped the daylights out of that cart before I set him in there. You know me! :)

My brother Bryant gets back in town tomorrow afternoon for Thanksgiving! Yay!!

Y'all have a great night!

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