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Our Weekend

My brother, Bryant, flew in for the weekend on Thursday night. I love, love, love having the whole family back together again!

We hung out on Saturday and then went to get our family pictures made. Jon and I met Sarah Eastwood back in the ole engagement days and she took our engagement pictures, our wedding pictures, our pictures of just us and Kody and Saturday, she took the new family pics! :) I haven't gotten to see the ones of my whole family, but she made a little slideshow sneak peek of the ones of Nathan that I just had to share! She's so sweet - we just love her!

Sunday, we went to church where Nathan proceeded to distract every single person behind us because he was being SO obnoxious (and so funny!). He didn't want to sit in our laps, he only wanted to stand. So, we let him stand, thinking he'd be quiet and instead, he laughed and talked and made faces at us through most of the sermon.

My apologies to those people sitting behind us in the balcony.

The cool thing about our church is the balcony and I've noticed it tends to attract families with little kids. Most people don't seem to care when Nathan starts getting loud up there. So nice!

Then we went and hung out at Mom and Dad's with Bryant, watched some football and ate tons of Mom's famous chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

After Bryant left for the airport, Jon, Nathan and I met up with our friends Clint and Leigh Ann (and the baby yet to be seen!) for a super fun trip to the Balloon Fiesta! Every year in October, we have this HUGE international Balloon Fiesta and it is SO fun! It's one of my absolute favorite times of the year - it definitely signals that fall is here and winter is coming!

Here's us with the babies and the new Baby Bee balloon!! I love Leigh Ann's expression!! :) And isn't Nathan's hat just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Last night was a Balloon Glow and a fireworks show. Jon and I have been to a Balloon Glow every year since we were dating and so this time it did my sentimental heart good to be sitting there last night while the fireworks went off next to sweet friends, snuggled back against Jon and cuddling a sleeping, bundled up baby. :)

And I have a sad story to share. But there's a long drawn-out backstory to go with it.

I'll try to only share the details.

When Miss Match was published and I got my very first advance, I was SO excited and decided that it was time to start driving something other than the 1996 Tahoe that my parents had bought for us kids to learn to drive on.

So I bought this:

That's right. 40th Anniversary, super low miles, premium sound, incredible acceleration power from those pesky red lights and absolutely zero room for a car seat.

Which was totally fine back in the single days. And the Married With No Kids days.

Not so much now. Last fall, we bought a Yukon that I've been driving since Nathan was born (except on those rare occasions when I didn't have him with me) and Jon has been driving the Mustang. So, we decided it was time to upgrade to something that did have room for a car seat, just in case something happened to the Yukon.

Which meant we had to sell the Fun Car.

I took some pictures of the Nater Tot in it yesterday morning so that someday, when he's fifteen and complaining about the clunker that we get him for his first car, he can see the car his mother gave up for him...sadly, but willingly. :)

Peace out, Mustang. :)

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