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A Few Things...


The Nater Tot is napping and lately his naps have been about fifteen to twenty minutes long and I'm hoping to get some work done on a new proposal, so I'm going to have to make this quick!! (I guess that is reason enough for a run on sentence!) :)

* First, thank you SO much for the overwhelming response in wanting to be an influencer! I SO appreciate it! :)

* A lot of you have asked if you will get an email about whether or not you got a copy - YES, you will, just as soon as I get my stubborn email account up and working again (technology. sheesh.). I'm hoping to have those out by later this afternoon - again, assuming that my email is back up.

* If you don't get an email, I'm taking pre-orders for Double Shot on my website - yay!

* I'm not sure when NavPress will be sending the influencer copies out, but I'm assuming it will be sometime soon! :) Keep checking those mailboxes!

* It is obviously getting colder out because I have had to pretty much soak my hands in lotion at bedtime so they don't crack and break off in the middle of the night. Not sure that any of you needed to know that.

* Question for my more style-savvy friends: Got any suggestions for some new fall/winter clothing? Last year I was sporting the maternity look, so my closet is ready for an overhaul! Another question: Tunics-and-leggings Trend - cute for a 25-year-old mom or ehh, pass?

Y'all have a fabulous Monday! :)

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