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Two Months

I cannot believe that our little Nater-Tot is already TWO months old! Time has just flown by and people were right - it does go MUCH faster on this side of it! I remember when I still had two months before he was due it and felt like forever. :)

He is getting to be so much fun! I love when he is napping because I feel like I finally am getting a few things done around the house and with my writing, but I LOVE when he is awake because he talks and laughs and squeals and it completely makes my day! I go to bed absolutely exhausted but I wouldn't trade my life for anything right now.

His new favorite thing to do is play under his little activity gym - he loves, loves hitting the toys and he'll just squeal and laugh at them moving around.

He's also become a bath boy - and I think a big part of that is Bath Time is officially Daddy Time. I think he'd stay in the tub all day if we let him! He's starting to try and splash a little bit - I have a feeling that soon we'll all get soaking wet.

He's always super fussy right before he goes to sleep. I've never seen a baby fight sleep as much as Nathan does. He fights it - kicking and screaming. The swaddle has become our new best friend. He does so good if he's swaddled, got his paci and is being rocked. Then he'll conk out in about ten minutes. But if one of those is missing? Sheesh.

Nathan is such a homebody. I've tried to be really good about getting out of the house for at least a little bit most days just so I keep my sanity (I was ALWAYS going somewhere before he was born), but he would be very content if we never left the house. He loves being home and is definitely happiest when he's chilling on the couch with us.

He's also really recognizing us now - he definitely knows me and Jon and he also can recognize most of my family, I think. We went to visit Auntie Cayce at her work today and he just grinned and grinned at her.

He's started getting very snuggly, which I LOVE. In the beginning, he didn't really get too into being rocked or held close, but now he'll rub his little face on my shirt and cuddle in when he starts getting sleepy and just calms straight down when I rock him.

He's getting so big way too fast - I told Jon that I can't wait to see what God has planned for our little boy, but I really hope it's His plan for Nathan to just stay a baby forever. :)

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